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With four convenient locations, an array of services, free pick-up, and delivery and regular discounts and coupons, we are popular among our customers.

Our clients love us for saving their effort, time, and money.

We now offer wedding dress cleaning and preservation services as well. Do you have a service request that you don’t see listed here? Ask us about it!

Dry Cleaning

This is our primary specialty! Certain fabrics such as cashmere, wool, and silk, are delicate in nature and water-sensitive too. If you wash these fabrics in a commercial washing machine, in which the washing is done by a rotating agitator, these run a risk of significant damage. That is why dry cleaning is so important for these delicate garments. Also, intricate garments, including those featuring beads, lace, and various accessories, are easily damaged by a machine wash. We ensure that we treat such pieces with the utmost care and keep your delicate clothes looking beautiful with our exceptional dry cleaning services

Dry Cleaning

Wedding Dresses

There is no substitute for high-end garment care. With over 30 years of experience in cleaning dresses, there is no dry cleaning business in West LA that can care for and preserve your beloved wedding dresses the way we do.

Shirt Laundry

Are perspiration lines on collars and spots on your sleeves making your shirts look worn?

Our shirt laundry service can help prevent such damage. With our environment-friendly cleaning detergents and expert pressing skills, your shirts will look dazzling when we bring them out to you.

Shirt Laundry


It can be irritating to deal with clothes that are too big, too small, or damaged. With us, on your side you never have to deal with that.

Our alteration specialists are professionals at handling all sorts of clothing change needs. Whether it’s resizing a stylish suit jacket or repairing a seam on an old pair of pants, we’ve got you covered.


Fluff & Fold

The fluff and fold service at Dry Clean Express guarantee that your clothes are returned to you looking fresh and clean. After a complete laundry service, we make sure to delicately fold you garments to prevent unwanted rumples.

Fluff & Fold

Drapery Cleaning

Dirt, smoke, and other harmful invaders can take the quality out of drapes — whether they are made of nylon, chintz, or some other fabric.

At Dry Clean Express we can smoothly remove such filth and clean up impairments that have resulted from the gathering dirt. Our staff will make sure that your drapes come out even and appealing, ready to fit perfectly over your windows and sliding glass doors again.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs of all kinds — from tufted rugs to woven rugs and beyond — are essential in giving that special look of your floors. Unfortunately, rugs can accumulate dirt and odors quite quickly. When this happens they will stick out like a sore thumb rather than subtly compliment your floors.

Visit any of our Dry Clean Express locations to make sure such things do not happen.

Our professional staff is experts at removing unwanted stains and smells from your rugs. You can relax in the knowledge that your rugs will look exquisite again after we are done with them.

Adding Convenience

We at Express Dry Clean LA have heard you and introduced schedule pickup and delivery service. Get in touch today!