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Main Services: Dry Cleaning This is our main specialty! Dry cleaning is an important thing to do for delicate garments...

Main Services:

Dry Cleaning

This is our main specialty! Dry cleaning is an important thing to do for delicate garments like velvet or silk. Regular washers and dryers are simply too rough on such materials and can wear them down quickly. Keep your delicate clothes looking beautiful with our exceptional dry cleaning service.

Shirt Laundry

Are perspiration lines on collars and spots on your sleeves making your professional shirts look worn? Our shirt laundry service can help prevent such damage. With our environmentally-friendly cleaning detergents and expert pressing skills, your shirts will come out dazzling as we hang them up and get them ready to go for you.


Clothes that are too big, too small, or damaged can be irritating. But not with Dry Clean Express on your side. Our alteration specialists are professionals at handling all sorts of clothing change needs. Whether it’s resizing a stylish suit jacket or repairing a seam on an old pair of pants, we’ve got you covered.

Fluff and Fold

The fluff and fold service at Dry Clean Express guarantees that your clothes are returned to you looking fresh and clean. After a detailed laundry service, we’ll make sure that your garments are handled with care as we delicately fold them in order to prevent unwanted rumples.

Other Services:

Drapery Cleaning

Dirt, smoke, and other harmful invaders can really take the quality out of drapes — whether they are made of nylon, chintz, or some other fabric. At Dry Clean Express we can smoothly remove such filth and clean up impairments that have resulted from such dirtiness. Our staff will make sure that your drapes come out even and appealing, ready to fit perfectly over your windows and sliding glass doors again.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs of all kinds — from tufted rugs to woven rugs and beyond — are important in giving that special touch to the look of your floors. Unfortunately, rugs can accumulate dirt and odors quite easily. When this happens they will stick out like a sore thumb rather than compliment your floors in a subtle way. Make sure such a thing doesn’t happen by taking your rugs into Dry Clean Express. Our staff will use precision in removing unwanted stains and smells from your rugs, so you can relax by knowing that your rugs will look exquisite again after we are done with them.

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